SIAMS 800 Image Analyzer                                                           

Software solution for automated material microstructure analysis.



  • Automated generation of panoramic images. Arbitrary scanning of a specimen during manual movement of a microscope stage.
  • Built-in illumination correction during panorama generation and frame-by-frame capturing.
  • Objective-oriented built-in aberration compensation of the field of view.
  • Automated focusing during panorama generation and frame-by-frame capturing.
  • Digital intermediary stepless magnification with x1 – x2 range. Display of the used objective and intermediary magnification data.
  • Express-evaluation of the structure. Measurement of phase fractions and scanning area in the live video mode. Visual control of the precision of phase recognition.
  • Processing uncompressed panoramic images. Fast display of a visual part while surfing the image and / or changing digital magnification. Visualization using resolution pyramid technology (similar to Google maps).
  • Ability to enable or disable layers (including masks, markers and descriptions) on images.
  • Measuring structure parameters (lengths, diameters, curve radii, areas, angles, distance between the curves, etc.) with built-in tools.
  • Automated generation of measurement-related reports, and calculating statistics for measured parameter values.
  • Electronic image database. Image storage, search and filtering with preselected attributes.
  • Remote operations. Remote access from computers located within the enterprise local network (or through the Internet). Features include access to image viewer, measurements, analysis methods, and results.
  • Ready solutions for automated analysis, designed according to Russian and international standards, including grain size analysis, phase analysis, granulometrical analysis, determination of coating thickness, et al.

Structure express-evaluation mode


Automated analysis procedure. → Spherical graphite in cast iron


Image database


Examples of ready solutions for automated analysis


Calculation of the ratio between pearlite and ferrite according to GOST 3443


Calculation of the bainitic ferrite structure according to GOST 5640


Calculation of the ratio between pearlite and ferrite according to GOST 8233


Nonmetallics in steels analysis according to ASTM E 45