Seminar on Metallography february 7, 2018

February 7, 2018

JSC “Optoelectronic Systems” held a seminar on the topic: “Metallography. Microscopes produced by JSC “Optoelectronic Systems” and image processing”.


Representatives of the Ministry of Industry, the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, leading universities and industrial enterprises of the Republic of Belarus were invited to take part in the seminar.




  Topics and urgent issues discussed:

1. “Optoelectronic Systems Inverted microscopes for research in the field of metallography”.

Speaker: Ekaterina S. Krasnikova, Software Engineer, JSC “Optoelectronic Systems”.

2. “Use of metallographic microscopes for educational purposes”.

Speaker: Sergey V. Grigoryev, Senior Lecturer of BNTU in the field of powder and composite materials, coatings.

3. “Use of metallographic microscopes for scientific purposes”, “Image processing with computer techniques”.

Speaker: Anna G. Anisovich, Chief Researcher, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the Physico-Technical Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

4. “MicroManager Program”.

Speaker: Ivan N. Filippov, Software Engineer, JSC “Optoelectronic Systems”.

5. “Microstructure inspection with automatic methods”.

Speaker: Tatyana A. Sivkova, Leading Specialist of the Commercial Department of LLC “SIAMS” (Ekaterinburg).


You may watch the videos of the participants’ speeches on our official Youtube channel in the playlist: “Metallography: microscopes produced by JSC “Optoelectronic Systems” and image processing”:

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