Joint Stock Company “Optoelectronic Systems” specializes in designing and manufacture of microscopes, microscope-based inspection systems and micro-inspection stations, as well as provides CNC precision machining services.

       The facilities of our company allow to implement turning and milling, as well as turning and milling processing on CNC machines of all grades of alloys, including invar (36H/FeNi36/64FeNi) and titanium alloys such as BT 3, BT 23. The list of services includes grinding works of any types. The company has a unique CNC circular grinding machine capable of grinding external and internal surfaces with positioning accuracy of up to 0.0001 mm.



             Each section is operated by highly qualified specialists to ensure the highest precision of the components produced.

        All components go through in-cycle checking in our technical inspection bureau. The precision components manufactured in our company are tested on a 3D measuring machine with subsequent delivery of the measurement maps to the customer. This, in turn, ensures the high quality of the final product.



      For own needs, the enterprise has an assembly plant, on which it is possible, if necessary, to make preliminary, final or control assembly of your products.

         We work with the materials of the customer, as well as with our own materials (certificates are provided for all materials).

        Close cooperation with other enterprises allows placing orders for heat treatment of parts (furnaces with the ability to load parts with a diameter of up to 1000 mm), vacuum heat treatment, galvanic coatings, welding.



       Our technicians are always ready to go to the customer’s side to solve any technical issues. We ensure quick feedback with a customer.

          We have experience in the manufacture of parts for the space and aviation industries, as well as medicine (heart valve). We execute both single orders, and large batches.



    Modern equipment, high-quality tools, highly qualified specialists, 100% quality control at all production stages and constant professional growth of our employees ensure high quality of manufactured products.


Contact phone numbers:

Deputy Head of SPC MSD on Production and Procurement


Fax: +375 17 272 71 15

Fax: +375 17 272 71 21